Winter Wedding at Iowa State in Ames, Iowa

January 13, 2021

We’re only two weeks into 2021 and I’ve already photographed my first wedding of the year! You won’t believe Anna and Timothy planned their winter wedding in Ames, Iowa in just THREE MONTHS! For those of you counting, that’s an entire wedding planned in a mere fourth of the time an average wedding takes to plan — that’s incredible!

As I stepped into the Nevada Fairgrounds Community Building, I was met with a beautiful hall decked in greenery. Evergreen branches decorated every surface, turning the hall into its own kind of enchanted forest. It was the perfect cozy feeling for a winter wedding!

After Anna and Timothy shared the most heartfelt first look, we took a short drive to one of my favorite places on earth — Iowa State University. The campus, covered in snow, was a winter wonderland. Our fingers and toes might’ve been frozen, but it was totally worth every second in the cold to capture the winter magic with these two!

I still can’t get over how Christ-centered their wedding day was. During their vows, Timothy and Anna acknowledged the real, raw truth about marriage: we will never be perfect for each other. We will mess up. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t forgive, reconcile and grow stronger in our walk together. Just before they were pronounced husband and wife, Anna and Timothy were surrounded by their bridal party. Hands laid upon them as those closest to them prayed over the future of their marriage.

Anna and Timothy, your wedding day was an amazing testimony of your faith! You kept your wedding (and more importantly, your marriage) focused on Christ. I pray that, in everything you do, you would continue to use your marriage as earthly example of Christ’s relentless love for us. Thank you for trusting me with capturing the memory of this day! It’s an honor to call myself your wedding photographer!

The Creative Team

Venue: Nevada Fairgrounds Community Building • Florist: Lavender Blue • Rentals: Celebrations • Catering: Lidderdale Country Store • Videographer: Gabe Noll

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