Why You Don’t Need 1000+ Wedding Photos

April 17, 2024

Quality Wedding Photos are Eternally Valuable

After years of being an Iowa wedding photographer, I’ve learned that quantity of photos does not mark a job well done. Rapid-fire photo taking and a gallery full of photos that all feel about the same doesn’t serve anyone. Here’s a few reasons why you don’t need 1,000+ photos from your wedding.

Decision Fatigue

Decision fatigue, the difficulty you experience in making decisions when a lot of decisions need to be made, can be hard to overcome while looking through a large gallery of wedding photos. If you have too many photos to pick from, you’ll never do anything with them because choosing between them to find your favorites is too hard. 

Gems get lost in the noise

When you have so many images that virtually all look about the same, it becomes really difficult to identify which photos are actually good. Really amazing photos can get lost in the “clutter.” Just like when your closet is too full and you can’t find your favorite shirt. The less photos I deliver as a photographer, the more special each photo becomes.

More Work for you as the Client

When you have a bunch of photos that are too similar, it leaves more work for you as the client. You have to decide which one is the best. Having to pick the best photos (and remember which ones you decided were the best) makes choosing photos to print and share extremely difficult. You as the client will spend a lot more of your precious time digging through photos to find the ones you actually want.

As a photographer, I think it’s a huge part of my job to curate your gallery, so that you’re left with a manageable number of photos. That way you only have to look through the best of the best that tell the story from your day. 

When it comes to finding a photographer, instead of asking how many photos they deliver, ask to see a full gallery. That way you can see the quality of photos they deliver. Looking through a full gallery will not only give you an idea of how many photos they deliver, but it will also show you how they flow through a wedding day.

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