Home Family Session in North Liberty, Iowa

February 18, 2024

Iowa Home Family Session

Home: where you can throw footballs, make silly faces and snuggle your loved ones closest. This home family session in North Liberty featured absolutely all of those things. You want to know the best part? This isn’t the first time I’ve photographed this couple, but the first time I’ve gotten to photograph their family.

I first met Kelsey and Skylar when I photographed their engagement session in two portions: a short winter tree farm session and a second short spring session. Following their Iowa City wedding, Joey, my husband, and I actually went on a few double dates with these two. I absolutely adore them. They are the sweetest humans.

As a photographer, I’m always immensely grateful when my couples entrust me with their wedding photos, but the biggest compliment as a photographer is when my couples invite me back to photograph their families. Getting to see you again, meet your kids and spend time in your home means the world to me. As I get to know you on your wedding day, I get attached to who you are. So, when I get a chance to see the fruit of your marriage, it’s something special.

This session was brought on by the arrival of their third baby. Everyone was totally in love with their sweet new addition. I’m so glad I got to capture a glimpse at this season of life for them.

Capturing families authentically at home

Capturing people authentically has always felt best to me. It’s real and honest. With family, I find this authenticity to be most easily found in your home. There is a deeper level of intimacy and comfort where you spend time together.

And here’s a secret: it’s not about what your house looks like. These photos were all taken in a spare bedroom and in front of their living room window. Really all I need to capture families is some good light and a whole lotta love.

I love how parenthood looks on these two. What an honor to be there to capture this season for them.

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